Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am not sure how I feel about this. I had stumbled upon this site before and had wondered about its usefullness. The verdict is still out on this. I hadn't thought about it as a resource for educators but I can see how for a quick look at a candidate this could work.

Responding to Blogs

I can see how this would be an effective way to spark interest in a student to write and share her thoughts. It is something that I had addressed earlier. As I stated earlier, "Writing for Writing's Sake." I think I will title the blog that( the one I want to start with my students).

In response to how I felt about reading my first comment: I felt rather apprehensive when I realized others would be reading these. I still feel that way, but it is in a non-threatening mannner. I am rather private and this will have to force me to be more open with others. I didn't expect to see a comment to my post. It was an unexpected surprise and now that I know that this will be a regular occurrence I will be more conscience of what and how I write.

Thing 3

I enjoyed perusing the many blogs that were listed. Some were better than others. I especially enjoyed the format of the one that the teacher developed for his/her students. It was a wonderful way to create a "safe zone" for student to just write. I love the idea of having a place for students to write without there having to be a formal topic or expectation. Writing for Writing's sake. I am seriously thinking of doing this in my class (Brit.Lit). Tradionally, I have always had my sophomores journal in a classical journal (bound paper). But, this may be an interesing thing to do. I use Moodle daily and could use one of the activity options to do this but I like the blogging idea because it seems more open ended and it has a less "how much is this worth" feel to it....pondering....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dino's assignment # 1
Excited about blogging. I have never done it but have wondered what it is and what it does. Now I know! Glad this will assist me in my tech hours too! I think this will be a great way to utilize what I am learning and give me confidence to incorporate more tech into the classroom.